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Exterior view of the Cardella Home/Studio with artwork

Home/Studio Tour

Cardella’s former residence is in a 1930's midtown Ventura neighborhood.  It remains filled with the hundreds of art objects he left for the Foundation, large and small, still on the walls and spaces where he displayed them.  His sculptures, collages, assemblages and works on paper are everywhere in this "special kind of archive"*.  Docents offer tours for a few guests at a time to view and discuss his works. The Studio also serves as an archive for ART/LIFE Editions.

Only witnessing Cardella’s work directly conveys the combination of artistry and craft as well as the serious and often comic impact of this aesthetic vision.

American art and cultural historian, Wanda M. Corn, suggests in her essay, Artists' Homes and Studios, A Special Kind of Archive", that visiting artist’s home and studio gives us insight into their work methods and inspiration that cannot gained from documents, discussions, and photographs.

 *"Artists' Homes and Studios, A Special Kind of Archive" article by Wanda M. Corn, Art Historian. The University of Chicago Press, The Smithsonian Institution.  ISSN = 10739300

Arrange a Tour

  • The tour is provided without cost to you.  A donation is suggested.
  • The guided one-and-a-half hour tours are available by appointment two times per week. (See the schedule to arrange your visit.)
  • Members of the Founder Society may request special tours.

The ARTLIFE Foundation is an all volunteer organization. Our programs, services and preservation of the home studio are funded by donations. If you’d like to help, we appreciate your SUPPORT.

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For more Home/Studio Tour dates see our calendar.

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