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2019 Mail Art Display - Ventura, CA

Our  Purpose


The ARTLIFE Foundation is the culmination of the life work of artist Joe Cardella.  Cardella was an internationally recognized artist and  a leader of the art community in Ventura, California. He produced assemblage art ,conceptual art and sculpture, and for twenty-five years published the collaborative international monthly Art/Life Limited Editions.   Cardella passed away on May 15, 2018 but before he did, he initiated Artlife Inc., a nonprofit, known as the ARTLIFE Foundation,  and left his home/studio and life's work to the new  organization. 


The ArtLife Foundation continues the legacy and philosophy of artist Joe Cardella to challenge artists and thinkers to reconsider their preconceptions about the definition and practice of art itself and to inspire current and future generations of artists to pursue innovative works and ideas.

The purpose of the ArtLife Foundation is:
  • to preserve and promote artistic expression and the creative mind , through education, exhibition and outreach.
  • to create opportunities for conceptual exchange through promoting  conversations and projects around the theme  "Communication for the Creative Mind."
  • to preserve  Cardella's home/studio as "A Special Kind of Archive" and archive for the ART/LIFE Limited Edition Collection and his numerous other works of art.
  • to present exhibitions and discussions of innovative art in public places.
  • to provide opportunity for researchers to study the archives.

 "Artists' Homes and Studios, A Special Kind of Archive" article by Wanda M. Corn, Art Historian. The University of Chicago Press, The Smithsonian Institution.  ISSN = 10739300

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Mailing Address:
ARTLIFE Foundation
P.O. Box 23020
Ventura, CA 93003

Cardella Home/Studio Address (please do NOT send mail here)
539 Howard St.
Ventura, CA 93003

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