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Mail Art display featuring drawing of Joe Cardella

Call for Mail Art 2022!


Everything is Art; Everyone is an Artist

Artwork from 2021's  Mail Art exhibit, "'Post' Pandemic."
View more art from last year's exhibit here.

ARTLIFE Foundation's annual Mail Art exhibit is back!

This year's theme, "SPONTANEOUS INSPIRATION," speaks to Mail Art's inherent ability to "multiply small creative gestures" into a celebration of imaginative communication. Everything is Art; Everyone is an Artist.

Deadline: Mail Art submissions must be received by May 15, 2022

Click here to download a text version of all rules or see the poster.

Design by James Graca

Photo of Joe Cardella working in the ARTLIFE archives

Limited Edition Collection

Joe Cardella came upon Mail Art and took it to a new dimension. He created and published an extraordinary monthly publication, each issue a collection of original art and literature mailed from artists across the globe, and kept it going for 25 years.

You can see and handle the Editions on a TOUR of the Home/Studio.

Periodically the Foundation is able to offer selected Editions for sale to members and friends at the ARTLIFE Home/Studio.

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Artwork with text that says "My ideas appear, when I'm not there."

What Is Communication for the

Creative Mind?

Communication for the Creative Mind” was a term Joe Cardella used, from the beginning,  to describe his publication Art/Life Limited Edition.  Art/Life provided a way for creative people around the world to exchange concepts and ideas.  The Foundation works to expand the idea of conceptual exchange with  programs, discussions, presentations, exhibitions, and  international Mail Art Shows .

Your SUPPORT helps make this possible.

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ARTLIFE Home/Studio

Rarely do we have an opportunity to visit the home and work space of a producing artist.  For over 40 years Joe Cardella earned his livelihood by creating  art and producing the internationally collected  Editions. The home studio shelters over 400 pieces of art – paintings, assemblage, sculpture, and carvings.

We see the uniquely arranged spaces where every room is a gallery, even the kitchen, bathroom, patio  and garden.

 A VISIT is an education on the creative process and conceptual art.

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ArtLife Foundation

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